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Hard Oxidizing is an ecological process that drastically improves the properties of aluminum bodies.
The process reshapes the surface (exterior and interior) which makes it safer to use for the end consumer.
So in essence, Hard Oxidizing reshapes the substrate in an eco-hardened aluminum.
Hard Oxidized cookware provides:
longer lasting aluminum cookware;
a superior corrosion resistance (=diswasher safe);
an optimal bonding between aluminum substrate and coatings;
a very high abrasion – and scratch resistance;
a very hard outer layer
and thus: highly durable cookware.
With additions, such as:
Earth tones, specifically designed and developed for Hard Oxidized.
While keeping Mother Nature in mind…
Hard Oxidized uses no metals during the process. There are no acidic residues or hazardous waste left after treatment of
the aluminum body (in contradiction to Hard Anodizing).

Advantages vs. Hard Anodized

No acids are used during the process
No hazardous waste that needs to be disposed
Safer to use
The reshaped surface prevents an aluminum migration
Hard Oxidizing creates a more durable pan
HV 730-1190 VS. HV 400-460
Lower energy consumption
Hard Anodizing consumes 3 times more energy during manufacturing

The production process


The range

Hard Oxidized can be used with any handle, any color and any aluminum body. The picture below is merely a proposal of how a range can look like.
AXA wants to invest in tooling in case your product(s) would not be listed as below.