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The Prestige Coating of AXA is an esthetical exterior coating that was developed by and for AXA. The coating itself comes in 4 di­fferent finishings and is unique in terms of appearance. The coating itself is translucent (or semi-transparent) which means the brushing lines of the stainless steel substrate are still visible, underneath the colored surface. This e­ffect, combined with beautiful colors, gives the cookware products that exclusive and rare look.
Could I have seen it in the industry before?
Yes, you could have seen something like this before. But the dishwasher safeness (+125 cycles) and spot on finishings of our coating di­ers us from the rest of these types of coating. All of these coatings are brittle due to the translucency, but not ours. Our coating is rigid and sticks to the brushed stainless steel like no other. This results in a dishwasher safe coating. The test results on the next page prove this.
For which products can this coating be used?
This coating can be used for stainless steel and aluminum products. The coating can be applied on riveted and bakelite handles. For welded items, a higher MOQ would be applicable because this requires additional investments of machinery.
How’s Prestige applied on cookware items?
It was AXA’s intent that Prestige can be applied on cookware with AXA’s standard coating line. So we do not require any special tools for application.
What manufacturing steps are required for Prestige?
Since this coating is translucent, the main challenge was to get a good adhesion of the coating on to the brushed surface of the substrate (for the dishwasher safeness). This adhesion is formed by the perfect symbiosis of the coating itself and the pre-treatment of the substrate. So before application of the coating, the substrate needs to have that special AXA treatment.
What about exclusivity?
You named it! AXA holds sole exclusivity of all Prestige finishings, so you will not find this in the market, except at AXA. What available finishings does Prestige o­er? Prestige o­ers 4 di­erent finishings: Copper, Bronze, Silver and Gold.
Anything else I should know of?
Our Prestige coating has easy clean properties, which resembles in less finger prints on your cookware!